Case Study #5

You are an IT professional who has a good social media presence. You see that every day there are memes which spread fake news about political events. You also see that a lot of your friends, some of them very well educated, knowledgeable, and having a good educational background, liking and sharing them.

You do not know if your friends genuinely believe the fake news or they agree to the political ideology spreading the fake news. You also feel that your friends who indulge in these are capable of judging a fake news from a real one.

In this context, answer the following questions.

(a) What are the ethical dimensions associated with fake news? ( Such as who does it harm, what harm is caused etc. )

(b) How do you identify fake news from real news?

(c) What guidelines do you think can help fight the menace of fake news?

(d) How far are government regulations over media on the issue of fake news justified?