Case Study #4

You have recently been posted as a Collector. As you take up your job, you are made aware of a case where a civil supplies officer, Mr. X in connivance with a contractor has diverted large amount of food grains meant for the Public Distribution System (PDS). On being asked, the officer pleads innocence.

You have the Chief Minister’s visit planned in about two week’s time which is also keeping you on the hooks. You are made aware by the staff that for the visit of the Chief Minister, elaborate arrangements were made by the previous District Collector. This included elaborate food prepared by a Chef from a reputed hotel. Apart from that, the Chief Minister’s convoy is preceded by his security staff which are about fifty in number.  You must make arrangements for the stay and food for them as well.

The funds at your disposal do not allow for such spending. On being asked how such events were previously managed, your staff tells you that Mr. X was responsible for making the arrangements so far.

They also insinuate that Mr. X can be asked to make the arrangements for the coming visit of the CM also. However, you are not comfortable, as you feel that asking the accused to do the work, may compel you to extend him favours in return.

You are also told by your seniors that the event management during the Chief Minister’s visit must not be lackluster, or you would face coming in the bad books of the CM as an unsmart manager, incapable of managing District Affairs.  This would affect your future postings and transfers.

(a) What are the issues involved in this case?

(b) What steps will you take to resolve this issue?