Case Study #3

You are posted an a Sub Divisional Magistrate in Malkangiri. You are recently married, and you wife quits her MNC job and quits her job to be with you. As a public servant and an IAS Officer, you enjoy immense respect and awe in the eyes of the society as well the family of the girl.

Malkangiri is a difficult district lacking basic amenities, and the residence allotted to you is a 2 room guest house. Your wife’s and your in -laws expectation was that being an IAS Officer you would be entitled to a bigger house. However, the SDM’s residence is currently occupied by the District Collector, while the District Collector’s residence is being built for the past 10 years.

The guest house is infested with mosquitoes and has antiquated old style toilet. This was a rude shock for your family. Your wife says that she would not be able to stay in that house. Your in-laws also support her stand.

(a) What challenges do you see in the above situation?

(b) How will you convince our wife and family?

(c) What steps will you take to resolve the given scenario?